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Asset Data Quality

One of the most critical factors in the use of asset data is the confidence of the users in the quality of the data. In this regard, we provide complete data cleansing services. Regardless of the data sources and their current quality, you can be assured that only quality data is migrated and loaded into your new system - whatever the source.


We use effective, efficient and well proven workflows to acquire, interpret, cleanse/validate, standardize, and cross-reference your asset data, based on purpose-built and advanced software with embedded QA gates, with the support from knowledgeable personnel. This applies, for example, to the preparation to loading-ready of records in the Items Master and the Equipment Master databases.

Asset Registry Design and Implementation

We have unique expertise in the specification, design and implementation of the Asset Registry structure and its related master data.


We also assist our clients in the development of business cases and the selection of the appropriate EAM solution that will best support their Asset Registry requirements. This gives our clients the assurance of a robust repository of asset data in support of work management, maintenance and reliability engineering and financial management.

Maintenance and Reliability

We recognize the benefits of a focus on asset lifecycle and criticality, for effective decision making. We maintain this focus, whether we are working on Maintenance Management or in Reliability Engineering, as they are closely connected throughout the asset lifecycle.


Maintenance Management
Maintenance Management is responsible for all the processes that ensure the cost effective, risk-managed availability of the producing assets, as required by market demands. As such, it is normally responsible for the operationalization of maintenance strategies and for turnarounds, within a continuous improvement framework.  


Phoenix AMC can assist Maintenance Management in your organization in all its facets. Our services include the development of maintenance management practices, for example work management, in conjunction with the implementation of new information systems.

Reliability Engineering
We acknowledge the importance of increasing maturity in reliability engineering as a foundation for cost-effective exploitation of the producing assets. In this regard, we can assist in a number of key areas:

  • Downtime management processes and information systems

  • Reliability and Availability modeling (Reliability Block Diagrams, RAM studies)

  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

  • Equipment criticality studies

  • Spares / parts strategies

  • Maintenance strategies

Operational Excellence - Rapid Results

Operational Excellence is embraced by companies that want a greater focus and rigour in the effective and efficient production of quality products. It is based on achieving a culture of innovation and continuous improvement by those closest to the operation.

Our Operational Excellence practice provides the methodologies and support necessary to institute such a culture. We do this with a rapid results approach where we help design projects that are short in duration, from 4 to 6 months, which result in tangible results aligned with your strategic objectives. While we use Lean Six Sigma and Organizational Change Management principles as a foundation, we adapt it to the realities of our clients and use the components that best contribute to value generation.

We believe in the successful completion of small initiatives to showcase and unlock the inherent capability of the company for change – we do not attempt to create wholesale change.

Organizational Change Management

We facilitate the identification and execution of the improvement initiatives respecting the knowledge and achievements of those directly involved in the operation. We help them recognize when the current practices can be improved upon through a focus on facts and their own ideas.

Many of the projects undertaken to improve Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) require changes to current practices, some of which may be deeply ingrained. We bring deep knowledge of EAM and of the impacts on jobs brought about by the improvement initiatives.


We combine our extensive experience in helping large organizations with their change initiatives, with our solid approach based on respected authors and researchers, such as Kotter, Bridges, Daniels and Prosci. This way you can have the certainty of a comprehensive treatment of this sensitive area.

Roadmap Development

Phoenix AMC has a proven methodology for the assessment of the maturity of all the components of an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. Our assessment constitutes the basis on which we develop, in conjunction with our clients, a roadmap for the achievement of their desired targets. We also develop the necessary plans and milestones, including the human, information and financial resources required for their implementation.


The Roadmap includes the identification of the EAM information systems portfolio and the respective business cases.

Preventing Equipment Failure

Identifying Anomalies and  Preventing Failures: Industry 4.0

We provide our clients with intelligent solutions for the identification of anomalies and the prediction of failures in the operation of their critical equipment. We can do this for any installation, including refineries, petrochemical plants, SAGD plants, generating stations and others. 

Whether you have identified a particular piece of equipment for its poor record, for example a centrifugal pump or compressor, or you want us to start by facilitating an equipment criticality analysis, we have a robust methodology to identify the specific instruments and sensors whose readings will allow for the early detection of problems with the equipment. This way you can perform the necessary repairs in a planned way, avoiding costly production interruptions.

For this work we integrate the work of our subject matter experts in all types of machinery with that of our partners’ data scientists, leveraging the latest technologies within the framework of what is known as Industry 4.0, the digital enterprise.  Technologies such as big data, the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT), cloud computing and machine learning enable the real-time capture and processing of thousands of records. This processing, without human intervention, generates the advice and visualization to operations and maintenance personnel of the readings and anomalies and of the time available for fixing the equipment before failure.

Stock-on-hand Visibility

Due to changing economic conditions, operating companies need to make decisions regarding the temporary interruption or cancellation of major capital projects. This may be due, for reasons among others, to the need to protect cashflow or because the business case has ceased to exist.

There may be various objectives for gaining control over this stock, for example, to use the stock on hand from interrupted projects for current operations, or for its partial or complete sale. Each case will require that different data be captured.

Phoenix AMC has designed  effective and efficient business processes supported by purpose-built software tools and our subject matter expertise in the areas of equipment condition assessment, procurement and stock management. This gives our clients the assurance of the cost efficient capture of stock on hand.

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Stock on Hand Visibility
Preventing equipment failure
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