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Phoenix AMC


Strategic. Tactical. Tangible

about us

We are a professional services firm dedicated to assisting our clients make strategic, tactical and operational decisions related to the management of its producing infrastructure, based on quality asset data, efficient and effective processes and optimum use of the latest proven technology.

We have successful experience in providing tangible results to clients via the integration of proprietary software and Phoenix AMC’s Asset Management intellectual property, and practical Canadian and international experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Institute of Asset Managemen


Oil refinery plant in the evening

Oil & Gas 


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Oil & Gas 


Oil Refinery


Land Mining


Power Plant



Marine Terminals

  • Gas Processing Plants

  • Production facilities

  • SAGD Production and Central Processing Facilities

  • Transmission and Distribution Pipelines

  • Compression Stations

  • Refineries

  • Petrochemical plants

  • Bitumen extraction and Processing for surface mines

  • Thermal generating facilities

  • Combined cycle plants

  • Propane Export Terminals

  • Bulk Terminals

our partners

We collaborate with our partners to provide innovative and creative services by delivering methodologies that result in tangible benefits and lower costs to our clients. This ensures our positioning at the forefront of plant asset management practices.

Onsite 3D
Phoenix AMC

Our Vision

We are highly respected in the marketplace and a top choice in Plant Asset Management services. We play a key role in the design and implementation of world class asset performance solutions by being trusted enablers and contributors to clients.

Our innovative and creative services are continuously improved through research, development, strategic partnerships, and engagement with world class institutions. This ensures our positioning at the forefront of asset management practices.

Phoenix AMC’s services fosters excellence in asset management practices as a way to achieve a positive impact on the environment and communities.

Our Mission


We help asset intensive companies optimize their return on assets and reduce environmental impact through meaningful use of asset data, knowledge and best practices.

Our solutions are based on the integration of our own and our strategic partners’ technologies and delivery methodologies, which result in tangible benefits and lower costs to our clients. 

Our services are scalable, fit-for-purpose and applied through well designed knowledge and technology transfer practices by our experienced consultants, based on fundamental principles of ethics and honesty.    

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